Green Waters                

Owasso 7th Grade Center


A few years ago the Green Team of Owasso Seventh Grade
Center, located in Owasso, Oklahoma became certified and presented the Green Team flag given by the Oklahoma Green Schools Program. Along with their certification they received a $6,000 grant for future site improvements. 

Owasso 7
th Grade School's Green Team consists of the following groups: 

                               Site Improvement

 The Green Team

The Recycling Team
 has been busy with the new recycling company taking all materials except glass which keeps their containers full!! The students assist their custodian, Mrs. Reed, with removing the recycled lunch materials and placing them in Mr. MURPH, a recycle bin that can gobble up paper, cardboard, cans plastics, metals, aluminum, and almost everything EXCEPT food! With the funding from the collection the students have purchase a larger transporting bin to haul the materials to the MURPH containers.

Owasso 7th Grade Center's 

Green Team

 had a recycling contest to collect as many

phone books as possible!

 Students and staff collected

almost 1500 phone books in a week and saved almost 5000 lbs from

 going to the landfill!!

The Site Improvement Team
 has implemented many improvements which have been the additional bird houses, plants/trees, rain barrels, and seating on campus. 
They have begun improvements to the outdoor classroom
located between to front and back hallways of the older building.


The Energy Team
has spent several meetings gathering data using equipment obtained through the Green Team funds. 
The kilowatt readers have helped them understand and record the amount of energy used through various 
equipment such as the laminator, copy machines, pop machines, etc. 
The use of these 
equipment has helped them determine the amount of light projected vs. amount of light needed in the classrooms and cafeteria. 
This data will allow them to present suggestions to the faculty and administration to reduce the amount of energy used at school each day.

 Green Team Leaders

Energy Team-Mrs. Henry at left, Recycling Team-Mr.Richards at center, and Site Improvement Team- Mrs.Flindt

here to learn more about Owasso 7th Grade Center  

7GC Green Team - Earth Day 2013

On Earth Day 2013 the 7th Grade Center Green Team did their part to celebrate!  Along with their daily recycling, the group took time to focus on ways to help our Earth to be even more environmentally minded.  Students, school staff, and volunteers joined together to plant over 30 trees and shrubs around the campus.  Flowers were planted in the top of the rain barrels that collect rain water to help with water conservation. 

Green Team members and staff wore their new "eco-friendly" Green Team shirts which are made from up to 50% recycled plastic bottles.  The team chose these shirts to try to help create a demand for products created from recycled materials. 

At the recent Earth Day planning meeting, Mr. Richards gave the Green Team members a hands-on lesson in composting.  Students observed (and "fed") the fresh fertile compost created with helpful earthworms, shredded paper, and some of the school lunch leftover fruits/vegetables. Ms. Richardson started a "Boo Boo Buddy drive" where old stuffed animals will be recycled/reused into a special gift for pediatric heart surgery patients.

The 7th Grade Center Green Team hopes their efforts will inspire others to "Go Green"!

2012 Oklahoma Recycling School

Owasso's 7 GC Green Team received the 2012 Oklahoma Recycling School Award from The Metropolitan Environmental Trust. 

For three years, the 7th Grade Center Green Team has worked at being more environmentally minded.  With co-leadership from Jill Henrie, Kelly Flindt, and Neil Richards of the Green Team their students worked tirelessly to make recycling successful in their school.  From planning meetings to volunteering, students helped make the recycling collection process more efficient. 
At first, recycling items were delivered to the Owasso Recycling Center, but now, they use a company that comes to pick up their items.

The Green Team also worked with their custodian on school improvements such as planting trees, flowers, installing benches, and many other projects to make their school more energy efficient and beautiful.
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