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Our vision is of a natural, holistic, student-centered learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to be creative, innovative, green leaders.

Green School boasts one of the most beautiful campuses imaginable, with extraordinary bamboo structures rising out of the jungle, surrounded by lush organic gardens and bisected by the Ayung River. Green School serves an international population of 270 students from 40 countries in Pre-K through Grade 12, with boarding available for Grades 6 and up.  The school also supports a scholarship program for local Balinese children who would otherwise not be able to afford the fees; these currently represent about 10% of the population although through a fund-raising program Green School hopes to raise this figure to 20%.
Its curriculum combines the academic rigor expected of schools and institutions of higher learning with hands-on experiential learning within a Green Studies curriculum and a Creative Arts curriculum. This means that by holding onto the essential core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, Green School students will have doors open to them for whichever kinds of further learning and careers that they choose.

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Green School

Bali, Indonesia

International in its teaching and learning, and in its clientele, their students come from different corners of the world to join a core Balinese community of scholars – representing up to 20% of their enrolment. They bring with them their learning to date to share with their friends and to contribute to a global awareness and perspective of social issues from their countries of origin. It is preparing students to be critical and creative thinkers who are confident to champion the sustainability of the world and its environment. It is inspiring their thirst to know more, equipping them with appropriate and relevant knowledge, and nurturing their passion to influence change in the way we are managing this planet.

The Founders
Green School was conceived by its founders in 2006 following their excitement at reading the Three Springs concept document for an educational village community, authored by Alan Wagstaff. The school opened its doors in September 2008 with around 100 pupils and a tailor made campus that had only recently emerged from the jungle and rice fields. Since then it has grown physically and in student numbers.
Green School combines the talent of several and very differently gifted individuals. Its founders, John and Cynthia Hardy, have been residents in Bali for more than 30 years and recognise a unique opportunity to create something truly inspiring and outside of the structural, conceptual, and physical limitations of many traditional schools. Alan Wagstaff, educational consultant and the author of Green School’s original curriculum, has been involved in cutting-edge education for more than a quarter of a century. Jürgen Zimmer, professor at The Free University of Berlin, brings his hands-on educational experience to the School that has helped him develop a global network of schools. You can read more about the Green School Council of Advisors.

 Green School's Values

The eight Green School iRespect Values that guide them are:




 How the School is Built

The campus has been designed and built to have as small an impact as possible on the environment. Therefore, only a handful of trees  were cut down, and most of those were successfully replanted elsewhere (several structures still feature live trees growing through their roofs), and buildings were erected according to the natural topography of the land, so no moving of the earth was required. Bamboo is the primary structural material used, but other local, natural, and renewable elements are also employed, including alang-alang thatch, volcanic stone, rammed earth, and traditional Balinese mud wall.
Open air structures allow for natural light and ventilation, and aided by ceiling fans and an innovative system of enclosable, air-conditioned bubbles, stay cool even during the hottest days in the jungle. Green School grows much of the food it consumes, including organic rice, fruit, and vegetables, and the school is in the process of getting off the grid through a combination of solar, micro-hydro power, and biogas systems.

 Green School's Goal

The goal is simple but ambitious: to provide students with the skills and content to be effective and successful competitors in an ever-shrinking world while at the same time expanding their sense of being more environmentally responsible citizens with a different sense of possibilities for how we can continue to develop as a fragile planet.
Green School aims to be the #1 model of sustainability in education in the world. We aim to set the bar so high for others to aspire to. After only three years of operation, Green School is already shaking up the thinking of more conventional organisations and institutions around the world. Its teachers, students and their parents are proud to be part of this pioneering ‘work in progress.

 What is Next?

Green School is a seed, a model, for Bali, and the world. They encourage others to copy it, to reinvent it, and to reproduce it; while keeping these simple rules in mind: be local, let your environment inform your decisions, and think about how your grandchildren might be influenced by your decisions.

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