Green Waters                

Carlos Conde Marin

Carlos Conde Marin Junior High School
Carolina, Puerto Rico

  Leaving our Footprint 
  Making a Difference
              Green Club's Motto

 Their Mission
  • To develop leadership and talent in environmental conservation programs.
  • To ensure that both the students and the community develop environmental awareness, both for the present and future generations.
  • To develop a spirit of working together as a team with children from kindergarten, first, seventh, eighth and ninth grade.

Field trip to Forest Park La Marquesa, Guaynabo-Puerto Rico

Carlos Conde Marin Junior High School is located in Carolina-Puerto Rico. The school includes grades from Kindergarten to 9th grade and has a total of 446 students.
The environmental club or "Club Ambiental" was created in 2009 by the Kindergarten teacher Ms. Joseline Pellicier. In 2012, Science teacher Ms. Nilda Amber from 7th grade, Ms. Maris Figueroa from 1st grade, and English teacher Ms. Nelly del Valle from 8th and 9th grade became part of the club in order to teach other grades about the importance of helping the environment.
These days the environmental club has more than 60 students involved in environmental projects such as cleaning local beaches, planting seeds behind the school grounds, and helping baby sea turtles reach the water after they hatch from the eggs.

Another way the environmental club teaches the students about environmental awareness is by having three types of bins on each classroom, one recycle bin for plastic, one bin for cartons and another one for regular trash. The club also goes to field trips to national parks and natural reservoirs around Puerto Rico.

Kindergarten students helping clean up schools grounds with their teacher Ms. Joseline Pellicier

    Upcoming Projects:

1. Create a school garden

                  2. Continue the recycling program

                  3. Educational meetings

                  4. School cleaning and working areas

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