Green Waters                


Green Waters
believes on team work and the positive changes that can be accomplish individually or as a group. We appreciate the effort from teachers and students who take time out of their lives to make
something positive for our environment
and we want them to be recognized. Green Waters wants to show the world that great things can be accomplish if we put our minds to it.

Green Waters Mission:

  • To show and recognize the work environmental groups in schools or universities do for our environment.
  • To inspire, educate, and motivate other schools to develop environmental groups.
  •  To inform the general public about the importance of preserving the environment.

Green Waters has also designated a page on natural places to go that includes amazing photos, videos and information on different regions around the world. We often tend to travel to places based on the well known location, which most of the time involves man made landscape. Green Waters wants to encourage people to go and visit the actual natural beauty of these regions.

In addition, Green Waters has interesting news about the environment as well as videos and articles written by Green Waters.

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